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Juego al baloncesto

You can also say "Yo juego al baloncesto" or "Juego baloncesto."

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Q: How do you say I play basketball in spanish?
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How do you say we play basketball in spanish?

Jugamos basquetból

How do you say they play basketball in spanish?

Ellos juegan al baloncesto.

How do you say 'you are going to play basketball' in spanish?

(Tú) vas a jugar baloncesto

How do you say 'you can't play basketball' in Spanish?

Tu no juegas al baloncesto.

How do you say 'play basketball' in spanish?

"plays basketball" in Spanish is "juega baloncesto".

How do you say can you play basketball in spanish?

¿Sabe /saben / sabes / sabéis jugar baloncesto?

How do you say basketball in Spanish?

Baloncesto is basketball in spanish.

How do you say 'This is a basketball jersey' in Spanish?

"Se trata de una camiseta de baloncesto" is how you say "This is a basketball jersey" in spanish

What does Juego el baloncesto mean in spanish?

The basketball

How do you say I am a basketball fan in spanish?

yo soiun fan de basketball

How do you say i play basketball for fun in spanish?

Juego baloncesto (básquetbol) para diversión mía / por diversión / para divertirme.

How do you say I am going to a basketball game in Spanish?

to say "i have a basketball game" in spanish is Tengo un juego de baloncesto hope that helped!