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J'aime le volleyball

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Q: How do you say I like volleyball in French?
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How do you say you like volleyball in spanish?

I like volleyball: Me gusta voleibol. I like to play volleyball: Me gusta jugar voleibol.You say it like this: Me gusta el volleyball.

How do you say girls volleyball team in french?

This is how you say girls volleyball team in French. équipe féminine de volley-ball

How do you say volleyball in French?


How do you say volleyball bump in French?

The volleyball bump is "la manchette" (feminine noun, from manche - sleeve) in French.

How do you say volleyball player in french?

un joueur de volley, de volleyball

How do you say 'volleyball' in French?


How do you say Beach Volleyball in french?

"Beach Volley"

How do you say I don't like playing volleyball in french?

je n'aime pas jouer au volley / au volley-ball

How do you say do you want to play volleyball in french?

umpiceto pisoco milla fondo

What is the word for volleyball in French?


What percentage of Americans say they like volleyball?


How many people enjoy volleyball?

No number to say... but i like volleyball and a lot of my friends do. Plus there is the whole other population of the world... so i would say A LOT!

How do you say we will in French?

You say we will in french like this........ Nous

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

How do you say Serve a volleyball in Spanish?

servir un voleibol is how you say Serve a volleyball :)

How can i say how are you in French?

like this 'how are you in french.'

How do you say volleyball in Hawaiian?

Volleyball = Wolipale

What is volleyball in french?

Its the same.xD

How do you say 'i like' in french?

you say it "J'aime". Example:if you want to say "I like the flowers",in French you will say it"J'aime les fleurs".

How do you say i like him in Canadian french?

I like him in French is Je l'aime.

How do you say 'i would like' in french?

To say "I would like..." in French, you would say "Je voudrais..." If you were to say "Je voudrais acheter..," you would be saying "I would like to buy..."

How do you say Richard in French?

you say it like Richarde in french almost the same.

What do you have to say about volleyball?

Volleyball is the best sport ever. It is so much fun, and there are positions for short people like me too. You need to be skilled to play, but it is awesome.

How do you say do you like to play volleyball in spanish?

Te gusta jugar al voleibol?

How do you say i play volleyball in french?

Je joue au volley-ball (I play volleyball) (French) Wanna know more? Just go to and click on the translator tab at the top. (the same thing as if yoy typed in