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Literal: Estas viniendo?

Real: vienes conmigo(nosotros)? (Invitation: 'Are you coming with me (us)?').

Vas a venir, vendras?(in the future)

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Q: How do you say Are you coming in Spanish?
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How do you say 'are you coming' in Spanish?

You could say "¿Estás viniendo?"

How do you say Are you coming out in Spanish?

¿Vas a salir?

How do you say I am not coming in spanish?

No voy a venir.

How do you say I am coming through in spanish?

Con permiso.

How do you say When are coming to see me in Spanish?

¿Cuándo viene usted a verme?

How do you say are coming in Spanish?

"¿Vienes?" "¿Vas a venir?"

How do you say she's coming home in spanish?

Ella vuelve a casa

How do you say are coming over in spanish?

(Ya) se acercan Se acercarán

How do you say 'Who is coming' in Spanish?

Quien viene? = Who is coming? (La persona) que viene.... = (The person) who is coming....

How do you say Jace in spanish?

There's no way to actually say Jace.It's the same.But coming from a person who only speaks Spanish, they will say it in a different accent.Some will probably understand them saying Chase.

How do you say coming to you from in spanish?

depends on exactly what your trying to say.... as far as geographical location - vengo a ti de...

How do you say i am coming to your wedding in spanish?

Vengo a tus/sus bodas (informal/formal 'you')