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you throw away your wii

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Q: How do you save all-star cheerleader 2 Wii?
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How do you save on dogz 2 for wii?

you go to the weird green stone

How do you save your game on Final Fantasy 6 for the Wii?

Press + to open the menu then press 2 on Save.

Can you save bought songs for rock band 2 only on an SD card and not on the Wii?

yes you can

How many blocks does the Metroid Prime Trilogy save data take on the Wii?

2 blocks.

What are the release dates for Snorks - 1984 My Dinner with Allstar 4-29?

Snorks - 1984 My Dinner with Allstar 4-29 was released on: USA: 2 December 1988

You stopped your wii in the middle of game to change games Now your Wii will not even come on what do you do?

u put back the first disk, save if u need 2, go 2 the wii menu, then u put in the next game u want 2 play!!

What are the release dates for Snorks - 1984 Allstar's Freshwater Adventure Dr- Strangesnork 2-4?

Snorks - 1984 Allstar's Freshwater Adventure Dr- Strangesnork 2-4 was released on: USA: 5 October 1985

How do you save mysims for nintindo ds?

when you are playing and get bored, press the start button then press save game then when it says overwrite data say yes then it saves. that's what it is like for my sims kingdom anyway.

What are the release dates for Isis - 1975 The Cheerleader 2-4?

Isis - 1975 The Cheerleader 2-4 was released on: USA: 2 October 1976

How do you make sonic battles 2 work on wii?

There is no such game as Sonic Battles 2. However if you are talking about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, the game's CD is inserted in the same place as the Wii games. But you need a Gamecube controller to play it, and a memory card to save. If you have your Wii set up vertically, the plugs to put both these items are at the top of the Wii under the lids.

For wii if you take a game play it and play it again on a different wii will you have all your saved data?

If the saved data is on your wii console and you play the same game on a different wii you will not have your same saved data you will have the other wii's data if it has any if you want to play a game on 2 different wii's save the data on a SD card and bring that card to the other wii to play with your saved data.

Is Godzilla unleashed for game cube?

No, it is not. Godzilla Unleashed is for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii. Godzilla, Save the earth is on Gamecube, though.