How do you ride a horse?

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First I suggest you sign up for lessons. You will need a horse, saddle, saddle pad, a girth, a bridle and grooming supplies. a saddle pad is also known as a blanket.

Take the grooming supplies and brush the horse. Use the rubber currycomb, a rubber circular brush, sometimes it might be metal though. and firmly but not to hard brush in circles to you have done it across the whole body. Then take the stiffer bristled brush, called the dandy brush, and firmly use sweeping motions to brush off all the loose dirt. Using the softer bristled brush , which is called the body brush, and repeat what you did with the dandy brush. It will bring out the oils in your horse's skin. Take the metal tool with the thing that looks like hook, which is called a hoof pick, and run your hand along his/her leg and him/her will probably lift it up for you and use the pick to remove mud and stones. if your horse doesnt lift up its foot lean your weight against his/her leg.

Next take the saddle pad and put it right above where the mane ends ,which is called the withers. Take the saddle and swing it up on to the horses back. Take the girth,the strap looking thing, and take the elastic side (depending on what kind of girth you have) on the left and buckle it as tight as you can.

Take the bridle in one hand and wrap your other arm around the horse's head and pull up. The horse should open his/her mouth and slip the metal part of the bridle, called the bit, into his/her mouth. Once the bridle is on take the strap on the side, called the throat strap, and put it on the 3rd notch (depending on a horse's size). Then take the strap going around the horses nose, called the nose band, and tighten it so you can put your two middle fingers between it comfortably (note, on western saddles there is no nose band).

You are ready to ride. First you always mount on the left side. Once you have mounted, depending on which way you ride, English or Western, take your hands in the right position. Your teacher will tell you which way to hold your reins because English and Western hold their reins differently. Squeeze your heels gently to make your horse walk forward. Remember, always keep your heels down!! never touch your horses flanks it scares the horses and they usually buck this ussually isn't a problem unless you mean to.As you progress through time you will learn how to trot, canter and gallop. You might learn how to jump!! Which I think is the most fun. You could compete in cross country, show jumping, dressage and many others!! Enjoy!

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Q: How do you ride a horse?
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