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get a new glove dummie

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โˆ™ 2009-03-31 21:44:17
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Q: How do you rid of insects from an old baseball glove?
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What is the process by which insects grow by getting rid of their old exoskeleton?


How do insects get rid of their waste?

Insects get rid of their waste by malpighian tubules!

The process by which insects grow by getting rid of their old exoskeleton?

i have absolutly no idea

Does ladybird help to get rid of insects pests?

Yes, it helps to get rid of insects pests.

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Earthworms are not insects, nor is there any reason to get rid of them; they are beneficial to the soil. As for other insects, people often use insecticide to get rid of them, but this depends upon the species. To get rid of bedbugs, you have to use heat.

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you can get insects away with nuts.9thats what she said

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They get rid of insects.

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No, they don't.

What is a small mitt baseball glove good for?

nothing really, unless it's your size Many players like smaller gloves for quicker exchange from glove to hand. Speed of game forces higher level players to get rid of ball quicker. Baseball glove manufacturers like Akadema and Rawlings make gloves specifically for this reason

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That would be called biological control of insects.

What are the malpighian tubules?

insects use them to get rid of waste

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