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reset the computer on a ez go Golf cart

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Q: How do you reset the computer on a ez go golf cart?
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How do you check the differential oil on a golf cart?

What type of oil does an EZ GO Golf Cart need for the differential

Where can EZ go parts be purchased?

EZ Go golf cart parts can be purchased online at sites that specialize in golf carts. They can also be purchased directly from EZ Go golf cart dealers and from partner suppliers. Your best bet would be to contact your local dealer or contact EZ Go by going to their website.

How do you replace your fuel pump on your 1085 ez go golf cart?

How do I change the ez go fuel pump

How many batters go in a 2002 eletoric ez go golf cart?


EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection?

The EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection is actually a battery series. It varies depending on whether the cart is a 36 or 48 volt version. The series begins on the far left with a connection from top to bottom.

What size spark plug fix a 2005 9hp ez-go golf cart?


How do I tell the year of an EZ-GO golf cart?

the serial plate is located under the dash on the passenger side

What type of oil does and ez-go 2 cycle golf cart use?

The EZ-Go 2 cycle golf cart uses 2 cycle oil. The brand of the oil does not really matter. Two cycle oil can be purchased in half pints, pints, quarts or gallons at most automotive parts stores.

Will a 1996 Honda Accord LX transmission fit a 2001 Honda Accord LX?

2004 ez go golf cart for sale

Need Wiring diagram for1989 xi-500 ez-go cart?

Go to Yamaha Company Golf Cart site on the internet and they have maintenance etc. You can down load manuals - some are free.

How to hook up a battery in a 199 yamaha golf cart gas?

We hooked up the battery wrong , positive to negative and negative to positive and the motor still turned over but would noy start. Why did this happen ? This is a 1999 gas golf cart ez go.

How do you tell the year of a ez go golf cart?

look at the manuf. code on the inside pocket right side of the cart that should give you the year of your cart( my # on one of my cart is H298) which means its a 98. the other # is (A499) which mean its a 99) and the other # is(H600) which means is a 2000 good luck