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Q: How do you replace a softball bat end cap?
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What do you do if the end cap on your softball bat is broken?

Start looking for a new bat

What does the w on the end cap of a softball bat mean?

Well first off, your question is very vague. My question is, is this "w" a logo type molding or is it melted into the end cap? If you have a Miken bat with a W melted into the end cap, then it is a NR bat. (Non-returnable).

How do you end load a softball bat?

Carefully remove the end cap of the bat with a flat head screw driver.Flip the end cap upside down on a flat surface.Pour 1 oz of pourable polyurethane into the end cap and let it dry overnight.Place a small amount of epoxy around the edge of the end cap and press it back into the end of the bat.Let the bat sit overnight (again) with the end cap on the ground to ensure the polyurethane settles completely inside the bat.Note: End loading is illegal in all association softball and should only be used for exhibition or practice. End loading extends the sweet spot and can increase the the exit speed of the ball.

How do you take off an endcap to a softball bat?

Usually by prying them off. I've found that the higher end bat's are usually more difficult to take off. Try a heat gun to loosen up the glue and to expand the bat from the cap.

How do you load a softball bat?

drill out the center fill it with lead and resael the end

Is a softball bat different from a baseball bat?

Yes because it's wider near the top end and skinnier at the bottom.

Can an end loaded softball bat be rolled?

Yes, they can be rolled after being end loaded. When you roll a bat you are rolling the sweet spot not the entire length of the barrel.

How do I pick the correct size softball bat?

How do you shave a bat?

A bat is shaved by removing the end cap then using a cutting tool and a lathe you would remove material from the inside wall of the bat.