How do you rent Mr Met?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Call this number (718) 559-3093 Mr. Met does do public appearances at Birthday Parties, Etc.

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Q: How do you rent Mr Met?
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How does Mr met cost to rent?

It's $500 for an hour You call this number to do it: (718) 559-3093

When was Mr. Met created?

Mr. Met was created in 1962.

What team is Mr Met the mascot for?

Mr. Met is the mascot for the Mets!

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At a drive in movie- Christine!

Isn't there a mrs met also?

No, Mr. Met is a bachelor. Which might explain his swelled head.

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What is the name of the shea stadium mascot?

Mr. Met

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Rent received a/c debit to cahs or bank a/c credit

Who was the mascot before Mr met for the NY Mets?

There was none!

In Little House on the Prairie who met santa?

Mr. Edward's

Who was the first mascot for the New York Mets?

Mr. Met