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be shure gun is unloaded ! pull the hammer back to full cock. open lever about 1/3 and remove the screw that holds the lever in (pivit screw),remove lever handle. pull bolt out slowly (may have to hold hammer past full cock). the ejecter spring is under presure but pulling the bolt out slowly will release the presure remove the bolt remove the ejector spring with a small pair of neddle nose pliers or nimble fingers. on assembly be shure install ejector spring in the hole and hold it their with a finger and install the bolt to hold it in place. the rest is just reverse directions. good luck. Go to the following webb site to see a diagram and might help along with the previous advice........ If it is a 39A model, put on half-cock safety, unscrew the takedown screw, separate the two halves of the gun (they may be stuck together pretty well. Lay gun on your lap, with the receiver flat lever towards your knees - smack receiver with the palm of your hand to the right of the half-moon shape seam. Make sure your knees are far enough apart that the gun can "fold" in the center. Once halves are apart bold can be easily removed. On newer models there is a screw or pin that keeps it from falling out, on my older 39A the bolt practically falls out.

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Q: How do you remove the bolt on a lever action?
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How do you remove bolt on a lever action browning 308?

You do not want to try this. Find a qualifed Browning gunsmith.

Does a Olympic precision rifle have a bolt or lever on the action that opens the action?


How do you remove and replace levers on a dirt bike?

Remove the bolt in the lever perch. For a clutch lever, loosen the cable enough to remove the broken lever and replace the new one. Adjust the clutch cable back and replace the bolt in perch. For the brake (disc brake)) lever, you simply remove the bolt and replace lever, put the bolt back in the perch and you're done. If you have drum brakes, it is the same as the clutch lever routine.

How do you take the bolt out of a Marlin 122?

Take the barrelled action out of the stock, and at the front left side of the reiciver there is a little release lever, pull it down and remove the bolt while holding trigger back.

243 both lever bolt action this gun was both lever and bolt action before it burnt in my father inlaws house what is it worth and can I replace it or will he have to get something else?

In a fire usually = worth nothing. You will have to replace. Donate to a museum. Never seen a rifle that was both a lever and a bolt action.

Does the Winchester 1904 22 short have a lever or bolt action?

A model 1904 is a single shot bolt action rifle.

How do you remove the bolt from a centurion m98 30-06?

Make sure it is unloaded. Then lift the bolt handle and slide it to the rear. There is a small lever on the rear left of the gun, pull this outward from the front. With it pulled out finish sliding the bolt out of the action.

What is the value of a 1973 308 Winchester?


How do you remove the bolt for cleaning a spring field 30-06 rifle?

move the safety lever and hold trigger back as you remove bolt

When was a Winchester model 77 serial number 1478 made?

I'm not familiar with a "Winchester model 77". Is this a bolt action gun or a lever-action rifle? Winchester's famous bolt-action hunting rifle is called the Model 70. Their most famous lever-action guns are the 1873 and 1894 models. Ruger is a company that has a bolt-action rifle called the Model 77.

How do you remove a bolt action from a Winchester model 141 22 rifle?

Remove the stock and you will see what is keeping the bolt from sliding out.

Do they make a Remington lever action rifle?

No, bolt-action only. Bummer! I was under the impression that they did some years back but discontinued the 35 cal. lever action rifle by Remington

How do you remove remington 580 bolt?

Push the safety lever fully forward to dis-engage the bolt stop. Then the bolt can be removed rearward.

Which is easier to make a revolving rifle with metal cartridge a lever action rifle or a bolt action rifle?


How do you adjust motorcycle gear shift angle?

loosen the bolt on the lever, remove the lever and replace in the new angle, then retighten.

How do you remove bolt?

Push the lever next to it as u pull the trigger then slide it out

How do you clean your Marlin 30 30 rifle?

I will assume that this question pretains to the fact that you do not like cleaning, and rightly so, from the muzzle end of the firearm. Step 1 is to partially open the lever to a point where you can grasp the the bolt with your fingers. Then remove the cross bolt where the lever attaches to the frame of the gun. The lever should now drop eaisly fron the botton of the action. The bolt can now be removed. The firearm should now be inverted for cleaning so any gunk will drop out the bottom.

How to change brake lever?

On what bike? There might be a bolt to unscrew for the front brake, make sure the new lever abuts the hydraulic actuator correctly. For the rear lever: Mechanical brake, undo and remove the linkage from the lever. Remove the pivot bolt and withdraw the lever and return spring. Refit is the reverse, ensure all locking pins and springs are refitted. Hydraulic is different in that there is no linkage, a small pin acuates the hydraulic piston. Remove the pin connection and proceed as before.

What is a lever action gun?

rifle or shotgun that cycles the bolt by means of a lever. The old cowboy guns you see on TV is an example.

What are the different types of rifle?

They are usually broken out by the type of action- break open, bolt action, lever action, pumps, automatic, etc. AND- the muzzleloading rifle.

Which came first the bolt rifle or lever action rifle?

Bolt action came first. It was first produced in 1824, whereas the lever action didn't go into production until 1860. A2: The lever action Volcanic was in limited production in the 1850's. Its design was "borrowed" by Henry, and then, Winchester. There were others, like Spencer; and single-shot levers like Sharps were made during around the civil war . Levers are usually not as strong as bolt actions and can't take as powerful cartridges.

How do you remove the bolt from a jc Higgins model 101.25 410 bolt action shotgun?

First remove the screw opposite the bolt. Operate the bolt as if you were cocking the gun, pull the trigger and it will slide out.

How do you remove 2000 Ford F-150 Manual Shifter Lever?

What the Haynes and Chilton repair manuals don't tell you is that the lever is held in place with a wedge bolt. Take the nut loose from the base of the shifter below the boot and remove. Then screw the nut on the back of the wedge bolt and tighten to remove the bolt. I gave up and paid Ford on-line $15.00 for this information.

How do you remove the bolt from a Mod 2T Mod No 273 27530?

You make sure the gun is unloaded. Open the bolt. When the bolt stops, look at the lower left of the bolt and you will see a small lever next to the extractor. With a small screwdriver, press the small lever down and at the same time pull back on the bolt, The bolt will slide right out.

How do you remove the bolt on a sears 2T 273.27530?

When u pull the bolt back almost all the way, there is a little lever that pops up, which u have a push down as u r slowly pulling the bolt to get the timing right; just use a small screwdriver i did it and it was easy. pull the bolt out/push in a few times and watch in the action when the bolt comes out good luck