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die it white or get paint thinner

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Q: How do you remove dye from a lacrosse stick?
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How much dye do you put in the water to dye a lacrosse stick?

3 pints.

How do you dye a lacrosse stick?

buy any kind of dye from your local art store.

How do you turned a dyed lacrosse stick back to normal?

dye it the color that you bought it as. If it was white, dye it white. it will be back to normal.

Can you dye your lacrosse stick mesh with food coloring?

I wouldn't recommend it. I can work if you've got a really soft mesh but you should probably stick to RIT dye.

What dye to use when you dye lacrosse head?


How do you make a old beat up lacrosse stick look nicer?

Replace the mesh,shooting strings,sidewall strings, dye the head.

Where can you buy a lacrosse Charm?

Here is a lacrosse stick charm-

Does your lacrosse head have to be clean to dye it?


What type of dye works best to dye a lacrosse head?

a Buick

What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

How do you play division 2 lacrosse?

With a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball

Can you dye a lacrosse head with fuchsia dye?

What kind of dye is it? Because you can probably dye your head fuchsia with rit dye if they have it in that color. :)