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give them to a youngster who likes Baseball cards

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Q: How do you recycle old baseball cards?
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How old are baseball cards?

Baseball cards are pretty old, and the first ones date back to the 1860's. The first known year that they made baseball cards where in 1863 Jordan & co basebaball cards.

What are some creative things to do to recycle old Christmas cards?

Cut out the decorations and make them into labels for next year

Where can one recycle Christmas cards?

Recycling Christmas cards is really easy. Just do it yourself like normal recycling or just reuse parts and images off old cards to make new cards or ornaments. Simple as that.

How do you price old baseball cards?

You price them

Can you recycle cellphones?

Yes you can recycle old cellphones.

Where can you find Christmas cards free?

Christmas cards are rarely free although it is possible to buy them very cheaply in the January sales. You can download lots of holiday clipart from the internet to make your own cards, or recycle old cards by cutting them into appropriate pictures and sticking them on new thin card.

Were can a baseball card collector find old baseball cards?

a baseball card collector can often find old baseball cards at a garage saleOr you can go to for some of the rarest and best deals online!I would recommend searching your local Craigslist for ads of people selling vintage cards. You can get some real steals there.

What is recycle in a sentence?

He decided to recycle his old aluminum cans.

For every 5 baseball cards that Mickey has Mike has 3 baseball cards. If Mike has 72 baseball cards how many baseball cards does Mickey have?

45 cards

Who will buy baseball cards?

depends on how old they are if real old antieak stores will buy them or else garage sell

Who buys baseball cards?

depends on how old they are if real old antieak stores will buy them or else garage sell

How old do your baseball cards have to be to get money?

they have to be from the 1940's, 50;s, and 60's.