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Good muscle tone can be recognized in several ways. Visually, good muscle tone can be recognized by an apparent constant tension in the muscles, particularly when the muscle is not moving or supporting any weight, such as when it is resting on a table. A high level of detail and definition may also be visually apparent if the person has a low body fat percentage or extremely large muscles. Physically, a gentle squeeze of the muscle itself can reveal its level of tone; if the muscle feels hard to the touch (again, while it is not moving or supporting any weight), then it has good muscle tone.

It is important that the muscle being inspected is not moving or supporting any load (including its own weight), because a muscle that is working will naturally appear and feel toned, even if it isn't well-toned at rest. A muscle that exhibits signs of good tone (tension) at rest and not moving or supporting any weight is one that has good tone.

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Q: How do you recognize good muscle tone?
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How do you recognize poor muscle tone?

That's easy... a person will be pretty flabby.

Are free weights good for muscle tone?

Free weights can be excellent for muscle tone! Get a lighter set and do a large number of sets for good tone.

What is the importance of muscle tone?

Muscle tone refers to the continuous and passive incomplete muscle contraction. Good muscle tone is important because it helps in keeping the body in a certain posture or position.

What increases muscle tone?

Losing bodyfat. Muscle Tone is about your bodyfat %, not the amount of actual muscle there is.

What are the qualities of a physically fit person?

good posture, shiny eyes,=dear shiny skin, good muscle tone ,==pleasant tone of voice==and flexibility.=

What is muscle tone?

Muscle tone refers to residual muscle tension or in another words levels of contraction of the muscle while at rest. Muscle tone is what makes the muscles feel and look like while at rest.

What is the medical term meaning Condition of abnormal muscle tone?

Atonia is the term for no muscle tone. Hypotonia is the term used when discussing too little muscle tone. Hypertonia is the term used when discussing too much muscle tone.

What happens if you don't exercise?

You lose muscle tone and general physical good health.

What affects muscle tone?

There are many things that affect muscle tone including having a well-balanced diet. Exercising is also has a great impact on muscle tone.

How do I gain more muscle tone?

A proper diet will help you gain more muscle tone. Eating protein rich foods in conjunction with protein supplements will increase your muscle tone. Also, a weightlifting routine is necessary to gain muscle tone.

What is the muscle tone of skeletal muscle?

Muscle tone or muscle tonus (not the misnomer from the fitness industry) is the sustained partial contraction that exists in all healthy skeletal muscle

What is it important to recognize to understand a literary work?

It is important to recognize the author's tone.

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