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There are four teams from each league that make the playoffs. Each league is divided into three divisions. Each division winner gets an automatic bid to the playoffs. There is a fourth team from each league that makes the playoffs and this team is called the 'wildcard' team. The wildcard team is the team that has the best overall win loss record of those teams that did not win their division.

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Q: How do you qualify for the playoffs in MLB?
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How many games do you have to win to qualify for the MLB Playoffs?

you will have to come in first in your division to make the playoffs or have the second best record in the conference to get the wild card ...

How many Major League Baseball teams make play offs?

Every year, 8 teams qualify for the MLB playoffs. If you win your division, you make the playoffs.

Does the MLB do a best of 5 series in the playoffs?

No, they do best out of 7 in the playoffs.

Is there a baseball team that has never made playoffs?

In MLB, no. With the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs in the 2008 season, all 30 MLB teams have made the playoffs at least once.

How many rounds are in the MLB playoffs?


How many teams make the Major League Baseball playoffs?

8 teams make the MLB playoffs.

Is it possible that the defending champion of NBA can't go to playoffs?

Yes, as long as the team doesn't qualify for playoffs. If he's not among the eight best teams in his conference than he won't qualify.

How many games in MLB season?

162 and then playoffs

How many teams enter the MLB playoffs?


How many MLB team can make the playoffs?


What MLB team has gone undefeated in the playoffs?

The MLB team that has gone undefeated in the playoffs were the 1976 Cincinatti Reds swept the Phillies 3-0 in the NLCS and then swept the Yankees 4-0.

When do playoffs start MLB?

The baseball playoffs begin a few days after the regular season ends in early October.

When do the Jets play football?

Whenever they are scheduled to play in the regular season. Additionally, if they qualify for the playoffs, they play in the playoffs too.

Which Pa Radio Stations carry Major League Baseball playoffs?

Which Pa. Radio Stations carry MLB playoffs?

When do MLB playoffs start?

The 2010 playoffs will begin within a couple of days after the regular season ends on October 3.

In what year was the Wild Card established for MLB playoffs?


When do the playoffs start MLB?

They start October 4th this year.

When do the MLB playoffs start?

They start October 4th this year.

Did a player ever win the Conn Smythe and not qualify for the playoffs?

the conn smythe trophy is given to the MVP of the playoffs. so, in order to win the conn smythe, a player has to be on a team that is in the playoffs.

How many MLB teams make it to playoffs with losing records?


What MLB team has been to the playoffs the most?

the New York Yankees

Who has the most wins in the MLB playoffs as a manager?

Joe Torre with 84.

What mlb manager has taken the most teams to the playoffs?

Billy Martin

What year was the wildcard first used in the playoffs?

The two leagues in MLB went from two divisions to three divisions in 1994. That would have been the first year of the wildcard but that was the year the players went on strike and the playoffs and World Series were cancelled. The first year the wildcard was part of MLB's playoffs was 1995.

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