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On iTunes, you just convert the song format to mp3.

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Q: How do you put videos on your mp3 player for free?
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Can you download videos into the small mp3 player?

No you can't. mp3 players are meant to play songs (mp3 format) not videos (mp4 format). You can put them in, but you will not be able to play them on your mp3 player.

How do you put videos on a gigaware mp3 player?

it is imposible gigaware mp3 players can only hold music

How do you put videos on your RCA Opal mp3 player?

You drag it to your video Folder

How do you put movies on your mp3 player for free?


How do you put videos on nextar mp3 player?

To Do This You Need The AVI Converter Disc That Cam With Your Mp3 And Make It The Right Format

How do you put videos on your MP3 player?

Yes I have an MP3 and you can. I'm not 100% sure HOW you do it...but I know that on most you can. Mine even came with one already on it.

How do you put videos on mp3?

first do every thing then you get your videos

How do you put videos onto your Phillips go-gear mp3 player?

well i dont realy know how but i tried and my Phillips go-gear mp3 player wont support it so idk

Want site to go on to put free music on an mp3 player?

There are none it is illegal

How do you put a movie on a MP3?

You don't. An mp3 is an audio codec. If you want to put one on an MP3 player then you have to have a link between your computer and the player and your player has to have video playback capabilities.

How do you download songs in the Barbiegirls MP3?

No, you can not put song on the mp3 player.

What is iTunes?

A program you download over the enternet and you use it to put songs, or videos on your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, ect.. itunes is a program that lets u buy music, videos, and games for your ipod.