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If they have a 2 way contract, send them down to the AHL

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Q: How do you put a player on waivers on be a gm mode on nhl 14?
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If an NHL team puts a player on waivers and another team claims him how much of the contract is each team responsible for?

If a player is on a two way contract and is put on waivers, the team that takes him must pay all of it. If the player is on a 1 way contract and is sent down to the minors, he is on re-entry waivers. In this case both teams pay half of the contract.

What is a waiver in football?

if a player is waived in the nfl, they are put on the waivers list... this makes them available to be claimed by any team. If there's a two way battle, i believe it goes to the team who offered a better deal. If a player is not claimed off waivers they are then a free agent.

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What is it called when an NHL player gets put into a lower league?

sent down

Who is your favourite NHL hockey player?

Hockeyplayer26: My favorite player is Patrick Kane. If you have a favorite player add your username and put the player you like.

How do you put a created player into a team in nhl 08?

Hey man i cant figure this out either i dont think you can i think you have to create a team and put you created player on there

Does a NFL player has a choice in a waiver?

No. When a player is placed on waivers, teams have 24 hours to put in a claim for the player. After the 24 hours is over, the team with the worst record to put in a claim is awarded the player. If the player is not claimed by any team, he becomes an unrestricted free agent and is able to negotiate with any and all teams.

What does put on waivers mean in baseball?

The player will not count against his teams active roster and the team forfeits his rights so that any team could negotiate or sign the player

Is There a Player Creator in NBA Live 2006?

Yes there is but on 2k6 you can create your player and put him in story mode.

What does cleared waivers in hockey mean?

When a player is placed on waivers by a team, it allows other teams to claim that player and assume his contract. There is a provision called "right of recall" which allows that team who initially put the player on waivers to recall the player. If there is no right of recall and no team claims the player, the player is now able to be demoted to the farm system team of the parent team and paid the minor league salary.

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