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well, i played football myself and for me, there was these two button on the side of the helmet. And you just put the holes of the strap in the football helmet, and if they feel wrong you did it wrong

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Q: How do you put a chin strap on a football helmet?
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How do you put goggles on with a motorcycle helmet?

the strap goes around the outside of the helmet

How do you put on an open face helmet?

Answer 1 This really seems like a strange question to be honest... however, first I take off my cowboy hat and glasses... these are very important first steps.. Before putting on the helmet make sure there is nothing in the helmet like a rattlesnake or an opossum. Lift the face shield and it is also a good idea to make sure the helmet strap is undone. raise the helmet slightly over your head and lower the helmet so as your head enters into the helmet safety... once the helmet is on...if you can not see then either open your eyes or turn the helmet around. Once helmet is on redo helmet strap so that it fits comfortably under your chin.. and lower face shield..

How do you put on a violin shoulder pad?

You strap it on from the chin rest. It should curve around the end button.

How do you film while skiing?

There are cameras that can be built into a helmet.A cheaper version is where it is on a strap, so that can be put around helmet.

How can you put a visor on your football helmet?

why would you want one anyway?

How do you put a mouthguard on a helmet?

if it has a strap simply place the ball on one end through one of the holes and it will not be able to comeback through or if you want to temporarily hold it on your helmet slide it in between the cage and helmet on the side

How long does it take a firefighter to put on his gear?

Aprox. three minutes and thirteen seconds based on experience. To become certified in some departments, you would need to demonstrate putting bunker-gear on in under one minute, plus one more minute to put on and activate the SCBA. Bunker gear includes gloves, helmet with chin strap, jacket on and neck strap fastened, hood, pants on and fastened, and boots on, generally put on in reverse order from this list. SCBA means cylinder valve on, purge off, pressure dial checked, PASS alarm checked, pack on, straps fastened and snug, mask on, seal checked, hood up, helmet on with chin strap, gloves on, respirator attached to mask, breathing air from cylinder.

What are jocks traps for in football?

Where you put your jack strap to be washed hamper for jock straps

Can you put a nike visor on a xenith football helmet?

I have an Xenith X2 and i put an oakley 20% tint visor on and it fits perfect! Love the helmet and the visor!

Can you put an Adams facemask on a riddell football helmet?

only during a full moon

Where do you put the American flag on your football helmet?

The stars should always be going forward. Looking at the helmet from the back.. it should be the left side

What is the story behind the Ohio state football helmet?

well once upon a time a guy said "LETS PUT STARS ON OUR HELMET OMG"

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