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you do it

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โˆ™ 2009-10-02 17:47:44
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Q: How do you put a brine lacrosse wall together?
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Can you put a brine lacrosse shaft on a warrior head?

It shouldn't matter. Any head should fit on any shaft

Can you put a brine lacrosse head on a warrior shaft?

ya it should fit fine cuz i have the brine answer for a head and a warrior hero composite for a shaft. it works fine but im getn the brine swizzle shaft soon so ya

How do you put a lacrosse stick together?

Use the instruction booklet. You sould have to put the net onto the spoon part then connect the spoon to the stick.

Can I put a lacrosse visor on a CPV-R lacrosse helmet?


What is a brave heart in lacrosse?

Its when you put 2 kids of the same weight class and have them face off together to get the Lacrosse ball to their team.No pussies allowed!@!!And no cheating if your kid is a fat asss!!

How do you stretch a lacrosse pocket?

1. Get the Mesh (pocket) of the stick wet with warm water 2. Place a tennis ball or lacrosse ball in the pocket 3. Put a butter knife between the side wall and the mesh

How do you put on lacrosse gear?

First you put on your shoulder pads, then you put your elbow pads on, next you put your helmet on, finally put your gloves on then you are ready to play lacrosse.

How is the Great Wall of China developed?

PEople put stone together ang called it the great wall of china

Do you wash off turkey brine?

We do not wash the brine off the turkey before putting it in our smoker. We soak the bird in the brine for 2 full days, take it out of the brine, and put it in the smoker. Perfection every time!

Did jack dempsey put brine on his face?

yes.. he did. thick brine he used for his hands and face to toughen 'em up. not the salty water but real brine... MMAA

Can you put a brine shaft head on a warrior head?


Can you put tape on a girls lacrosse stick?


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