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Find the logo on a webpage. Right click on it and copy the image. Then go to Excel and do a paste and the logo will be on your spreadsheet. You can then crop it or resize it with the Picture Tools.

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Q: How do you put NFL logos on your spreadsheet for your office pool?
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Can I use NFL logos?

AnswerNo. All NFL logos are protected by, in some cases, both trademark and copyright law.

What NFL teams have no logos on helmets?

The Cleavland Browns

Is it legal to use NFL logos on sheet metal work?

Not without a license from the NFL.

Are there head covers available with NFL or NBA team logos on them?

Yes there are head covers with NFL, NBA and even NASCAR logos on them in a variety of online golf gift shops.

Where is the best place online to buy scrubs with NFL team logos?

Walmart has a NFL fan shop where you can find all kinds of merchandise including scrubs with NFL team logos. So visit your local walmart or order through their website.

What are the rules when using NFL colors and words?

NFL logos and uniforms are trademarked. Any recordings of the games are only to be used with the written permission of the NFL.

Can youth football teams use nfl logos on their helmets?

Definitley, Yes

Do the Coverking Seat Cover Embroidery Logos come in NFL team logos?

Check out the NFL 7pc Auto Accessories Combo Set Front & Rear, they are available with every NFL team logo, simply search for "NFL 7pc Auto Accessories Combo Set Front & Rear" plus your favorite team's name.

Which two NFL teams feature logos based on the Jolly Roger?

Raiders and Buccaneers

What is the email address of the NFL commisioner's office?

what is the nfl commisioner's office email address?

What are copyright rules for NFL football memorabilia?

Using NFL or team logos requires a license; this is an issue of trademark, rather than copyright.

How many teams have human faces on their names and logos in the nfl?

Raiders bucs redskins pats