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talk to crazy Mike down at the Bowling alley - he'll hook you up

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Q: How do you purchace desoxyn no presciption?
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What is the name of the prescription that's main ingredient is methamphetamine?

It is either Desoxyn or Desoxyn Gradumet

Is desoxyn stronger than Adderall?

Desoxyn lasts slightly longer and hits you faster.l

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Can a drug test tell that you are taking desoxyn and not street meth?

Not specifically, but if you have a prescription from a doctor for Desoxyn, bring it with you so that the tester can note such on your paperwork.

Is desoxyn a over the counter medication?

Desoxyn is a prescription only medicine now, its very similar to Adderall. This is because it contains Methamphetamine, which is basically speed.

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