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Focus on something else (anything) for a couple seconds, or you can go and get something to drink (water, Gatorade Powerade, etc.) and you will most likely be able to get rid of your mental block.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-03 18:33:58
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Q: How do you pull out of a mental block when playing a sport?
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Why is it important to stop playing a sport after sustaining an injury even if the pain seems to go away?

because even if the pain goes away,you could have a muscle pull or damaged tissue that can worsen if you keep playing the sport or game or whatever.You should let your body rest for about 1 to 2 days before playing again.

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this answer is from the question of DreamWorld : the wiseman. te answer is: Cricket

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Why is stretching important?

Because it warms your muscles up before you do a sport so you do not pull a muscle.

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I believe you pull the headlight switch towards you

Does earths gravity pull more strongly on a block of wood or on a block of iron having the same mass?

Gravity would pull on both the same. Iron has more mass than wood so you would have a large block of wood and a smaller piece of iron to eual the masses of the two but sence the volumn of wood is larger gravity will pull more on that voulumn therefore they will come down at the same rate. However if you are on earth because of air resistance, ect. these things will effect the gravitational pull on the object by interference.

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when i pull up to a red light my montero sport jumps alittle, it doesnt do it all the time and i am not leaking trans fluid. What could be the problem?

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