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by not betting on sports, the cheating is discouraged and therefore less of it. Also, if the rules are stricter, it leaves less room to cheat.

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Q: How do you prevent cheating in sport?
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Why do administrators participate in sport?

They participate to prevent any cheating in the game of sport

How do you prevent boyfriend from cheating?

you can't prevent your boyfriend from cheating but you can treat him nicely, care for him, love him, please him, if you do that already and he doesn't appreciate it i suggest ending it.

Which youth sport has the most cheating?


How do you transfer your trophies from a PS3?

You cannot. They prevent you from doing this in order to prevent cheating.

How would one prevent their wife from cheating?

It is difficult to tell someone how to prevent a spouse from cheating on them. The best thing to do is to be loving, kind and respectful so that one's relationship remains strong.

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there is no one solution to prevent it from happening__A+ happy cheating guys

Why drugs have a negative impact on the image of sport?

because its considered cheating

How can you prevent illegal hunting?

One does simply not prevent the hunting sport.

How can you prevent yourself from cheating?

Don't be a cheater or a liar, simple as that.

How do you prevent cheating on a test?

put students in a freaking box

Why are there rules in basketball?

Rules prevent cheating, which would ruin the game.

ROTC cadet honor code helps prevent from stealing and cheating?


What strategies to be used prevent cheating during test?

There are various strategies used to prevent cheating during the test. They put some measures such as invigilator, etc. If the test is online, the checking is done by the use of web cameras which constantly examine the candidates.

How do you prevent injuries of contact sport?

dont play

Who are the swimming officials?

to make sure none of the swimmers are cheating... just like any other sport

What is the format for the flight attendant airport code test?

its different each year to prevent cheating

Which sport prevent less injuries?

Not Football Answered by TW

How do you prevent unfair sporting practices?

unfair sport practise

How does legal factors influence sport?

Not very much. If you are caught cheating, or lying, the law could get involved though.

Is a man cheating if he deletes the numbers out of the phone call history and incoming calls?

While dewleting numbers does not mean he is cheating, it doesn't look well in that respect. The only reason to delete call history is to prevent someone finding out so probably yes he is cheating

What happens if you get court using drugs in sport?

It is possible if you fail a urine test, you cna be banned from that sport for life, no matter how good you are. This is extreme cheating. You may even get a jail sentence if it severe enough.

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Some women of all ages that have a cheating mate sometimes feel it is their fault; they are not pretty enough; they did something wrong, but don't know what they did wrong. Some men of all ages will cheat no matter how attractive and intelligent their mate is and it is not her fault. You cannot prevent a person from cheating on you, but you can get control of your own life and be more independent and kick his hide out the door and start getting out with friends; having fun and start dating other men. There is someone special out there that deserves you and you should not tie up your life with a cheating man.

Why is it good to test athletes for drugs?

so you make sure that they are cheating and trying to get and advatage in the sport or event that they are playing in. Boo Yah!

What can sport prevent?

It can help prevent some serious illnesses, such as diabetes or some cancers. Basically gives you a good all-around health and fitness.

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If you have already had sex tell him you have aids and he should not spread it that is the only possible way