How do you play the sport Bobsled?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The front guy (Driver) has a pulley rod that controls the bobsled.

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with ur legs and hands

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Q: How do you play the sport Bobsled?
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Is bobsled a good sport?

yes it is

What is the most popular sport in whistler?


Why do people bobsled?

Because there is nothing other than the bobsled and the men that propel it...

Which sport featured in the movie Cool Runnings starring John Candy?


Which winter sport team has either two man or four man teams?

The winter sport of bobsled has two and four man teams.

What sport did John and Victor Emery compete in 1964 Winter Olympic in Austria?

4-man bobsled

When did the sport of bobsled make its Olympic debut?

The Jamaican national bobsled team made their debut in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The women's two-woman bobsleigh made their debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

How do you win in the sport skeleton?

The sport consists of 2 heats of racing down a bobsled/skeleton track. The competitor with the lowest combined time is declared the winner.

What is Bobsled?

Bobsled is an Olympic sport where either 2 or 4 men/women get into a small aerodynamic sled and go down and ice track. It is very popular in places that have a large amount of snow during the winter or year around. Images and technicals of a bobsled can be viewed in the link below.

What sports does Lolo Jones play?

Lolo Jones is a track and field and bobsled athlete.

Why isn't there an event for a four person women's bobsled team in the Olympics?

2 reasons.The IOC does not want toThere are not enough competitors in that sport

Is a bobsled a noun or what?

It depends on what you mean by bobsled, If you mean bobsled the object yes it is a noun, but if you mean bobsledding it is a verb.