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1. Games are played on the quarter court. Both teams shoot at the same basket.

2. One basket wins the game. The scoring team stays on the court and maintains possession of the ball. The new team coming on must "handle" the ball before play begins.

3. Teams ref their own games. Players should be honest and call their own fouls.

4. Any foul is an automatic possession to the person who was fouled. The ball is taken from the nearest sideline (no foul shots).

5. The boundaries are the lines on the sides and the ends, and the line in the middle of the gym.

6. On any change of possession, the team must take the ball past the foul line before they can try to score. If possession begins with a dead ball or throw-in, the team in-bounding the ball may attempt to score from that point.

7. If a team wins 3 games in a row they must leave the court and allow 2 new teams on the court.

8. Teams should attempt to play at the court that allows for the best competition.


1. Held ball - occurs when both teams have a player holding on to the ball at the same time. The

defensive team gets the ball in 3on3. In a real game we have the alternating possession rule.

2. Throw-Ins - Taken at the side line or end line near where the fraction occurred.

3. Traveling - Taking more than 2 steps while holding the ball, without passing, shooting, or dribbling.

4. Double dribble - Dribbling the ball, stopping the dribble (picking it up) and dribbling again or

dribbling the ball with both hands at the same time.

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That soccer is called futsal. You play in a smaller room and there is no out. One usually defends and two attacks.

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you can play soccer game online on Mini Clip

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Q: How do you play soccer game online?
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