How do you play knockout?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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First, you have to have three or more people. (More is better.) Have a line that's a good distance from the hoop. Choose who goes first, second, third, fourth, etc, etc... The first person shoots from behind the line. Your first shot has to be from behind the line. Then you can shoot from where ever you want. If you get it in you pass your ball back to the third person if you are first. (You need 2 Basketballs.) If the person behind you gets it in before you, your out 'till the next round. You have to wait till the person in front of you makes their first shot before you do. When there is 2 people left, when you get it in, you run back to the line, then shoot. It sounds boring, but it is my favorite sport game! Have fun!

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Do you mean "It's a Knockout" the old BBC family game show of the 80's ? I also know a 'Pool Table Knockout' ?

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Q: How do you play knockout?
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