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That depends on what kind of hockey you intend to play. You will at the very least need a stick for everyone and a surface suitable for playing on, plus enough people to make it interesting.

Further equipment could include shinpads, mouthguards (for any kind), armpads and body padding (for Ice Hockey), skates (ice hockey), a ball or puck as appropriate, goals of a decent size, goalkeeper's equipment and many other items.

Then you need to know the rules for the game and either have someone to officiate or have common agreement on interpretation.

Finally, you need to get out and play it.

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Q: How do you play hockey?
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First of all hockey is not a toy. but In order to get good at hockey you have to play for a while. In all honesty this is a stupid question because you are not going to learn to play hockey on the computer. You may learn the rules but you will not know the game until you physically play the game.

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