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What you do is get a march attax template of Google images.type match attax hundred club template.then get a picture of any one ,put it on paint colour the back ground of it until you just have the player make sure you colour White. The make a text box around the player ,make it transparent move the player on the card template type a name and your done.

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You can get them in newsagents that sell match attax. its like a goody bag but it has:

collector binder, playing pitch, rules, checklist with the binder and 25 cards including Ashley Young limited edition.

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It depends on their posision and rating. Itis a two player game, just like a real premier league match. One player attacks and the other defends and vice versa. Managers can boost a player of their own club. Who ever wins each round gets a goal. If they have the same rating you put those cards aside. Only one i-card and one hundred club motm limited edition and hat trick hero. You need a playing pitch starter pack from tesco Argos etc.

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we play cricket attax on a game pitch

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Q: How do you play cricket attax?
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