How do you play bunker shots?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Start with a normal grip.

Open club face

Aim 30 degrees left of the pin for a right handed golfer.

Make a full swing striking the sand appox 1 inch behind the ball.

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Q: How do you play bunker shots?
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What should a golfer do before leaving the bunker?

Get into the bunker, play their shot then rake the bunker as they are leaving.

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Play a shot in a bunker and fail to get out can you rake the bunker before the next shot out of the bunker?

No, because this is viewed as testing, for which you would be given a penalty.

Can you obtain relief for gur in a bunker?

Yes, if a bunker is marked GUR you are entitled to a free drop. To do so, you remove your ball from the bunker, and from the nearest point of relief you are allowed one club length, you drop your ball and play. If there is water in the bunker and there is no GUR marked you are allowed a free drop in the bunker, no nearer the hole. If you cannot get relief from the water you can either play it or you can take a penalty drop out of the bunker.

What are the rules for match play in golf regarding practice?

In Matchplay you are allowed to practice after a completed hole, only your short game, this includes pitching and putting, but bunker shots or shots from hazards are not allowed. You can practice like this as long as it does not cause an undue delay to play. You are not allowed to practice fuller swing shots. Matchplay differs from strokeplay in one unique way. Before a matchplay round you are allowed to practice on the course, in strokeplay this is not allowed. So, before a matchplay you can play a couple of holes, or pitch and putt to any green, if you did so in strokeplay you would be disqualified.

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Are you allowed to rake a bunker that you have just played out of if your ball goes into another bunker green side?

Yes, absolutely. Each bunker is considered an individual hazard, not a collective hazard of bunkers. If you play out of one bunker and land in another, you may rake the one you have just played from. Note, there is a common misconception that if you are in a bunker and rake footprints before you play your shot you are penalised, this is not the case, you are only penalised if you improve the lie of the ball, your stance or test ground conditions.

Why can't you ground your club in a bunker?

Yes, you may do so, the key distinction that you have made in the question is the ball 'out' of the bunker. If the ball is still in the bunker you would be penalised two shots for grounding a club in a hazard. If the ball is no longer in the bunker you are in you may ground the club, but be aware, there is really no need to.

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