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  • Backcourt violation - when the offensive team moves the ball past the half-court line then moves the ball back behind that same line
  • Block - when the opposite team swats the ball away from you while attempting a shot
  • Defense - the team without the ball
  • Double-dribble - when a player with the ball dribbles, stops, then continues dribbling
  • Double team - when two players are guarding one player
  • Dribble - when a player repeatedly bounces the ball.
  • Flex offense- a type of offense made famous through Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan
  • Foul - when a player with the ball gets touched by an opponent
  • Free-throw line - the line where free-throws are shot
  • Key - the area inside the 3-point line
  • Man to Man - a defense that involves each man guarding another man
  • Offense - the team with the ball
  • Shot/shoot - when a player attempt to throw the ball into a hoop
  • Zone: When the entire team guards the other team as a collective effort, rather than one man guarding another man
  • 3-point line - the curved line that separates 2-pointers from 3-pointers
  • Up-and-down - when you hold the ball, jump, and land without releasing the ball
TeamsYou are on a team of 5 players against another team of 5 trying to shoot opposite teams' hoops to score points by throwing the Basketball into the basketball hoop. The offensive team is the team that has a member holding or dribbling the ball. The defensive team is the team with no players possessing the ball. You may substitute players in the game and off on the bench during the game. TeamworkYou may pass the ball to any player on your own team while dribbling, when you stopped dribbling, or when you just caught the ball. Your goal is to keep the ball away from the opposing team and shoot the ball into their hoop. ScoringThere are different ways to score points. You can shoot anywhere inside the 3-point line (worth 2 points). You can shoot behind the 3-point line (worth 3 points). The third way is a free-throw (worth 1 point each). You only get to shoot free-throws when you have the ball and get fouled by an opposing teammate. You get 3 free throws if you attempted a 3-point shot, and 2 if you attempted a 2-point shot. If you luckily make the shot when fouled, you earn the points you made plus one free-throw. Offensive/Defensive SchemesThe way to win a basketball game is to use effective offensive and defensive schemes. Some offensive schemes include run-and-gun (a very fast paced offensive tempo that focuses less on defensive but much on quick scoring and three point shots), the triangle offense (an offense run basically through three players), and the flex offense (a scheme used by Jerry Sloan, head coach of the Utah Jazz, and many other coaches). The two main defensive schemes include man to man (where each man guards another man on the opposite team, usually playing the same position) and the zone (where the entire team collectively guards the other team). The outcome of the game largely depends on how well these schemes are run. Double-dribblingYou have to be dribbling when you are walking or running with the ball. When you stop dribbling and hold the ball, you may not dribble again. If you still have the ball and you move from your spot, it's called double-dribbling (a turnover), where the other team gets the ball. However, pivoting is allowed. Pivoting is when you stop dribbling, and keep one foot at one spot while rotating with your other foot. Double-dribbling is also when you dribble with both of your hands at the same time. The only kind of dribbling allowed in basketball is with one hand while walking or running. TravelYou have to be dribbling the ball when the ball is passed to you as you run around the court. If you hold the ball while running, a turnover occurs, and the defensive team gets the ball. FoulWhen an opposing player is holding or dribbling the ball, you may not forcefully touch the opposing player. You may put one forearm on them if they are backing you down (such as in the post), but two arms/hands are not allowed. You cannot push with your forearm, but must just try to keep it still like a wall. TimeAn NBA game lasts for 48 minutes, divided into 4 quarters 12 minutes in length. The time does not stop unless a player is fouled. In college, the game is 40 minutes long with two 20 minute halves. Time OutsIn any basketball game, each coach is provided with a certain amount of timeouts (it varies depending on the level of competition, whether it be NBA, high school, etc.) that can be used for allowing the players to have a break. The coaches can also substitute out other players and draw up important plans and schemes to use during the game. SportsmanshipYou should be used to passing the ball instead of dribbling the ball all the way across the field without your teammates' help. Also, when someone legally gets the ball or intercepts a pass from you while your dribbling, don't get mad at that person, because it's part of turning the tables around to make the game fair for everyone.

Now, you can go outside, gather some friends, and play some basketball!

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Q: How do you play basketball?
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