How do you play a football teaser?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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A teaser is pretty much the same as a parlay bet (you must win all bets to win, if you lose one you lose even if you win all the other bets).

The main difference is that you can move the point spread to your benefit.

For example, if the point spread is:

Seahawk: +10

49ers: -10

You can move the spread to make it look this way:

Seahawk: +4

49ers: -16

Usually you can move the spread 6, 6.5 or 7 points (you'll rarely get to shift it 10 points, but it can happen); however, for every half a point you shift the spread, the payoff decreases.

Finally, ties are considered as a loss by most sportsbooks, but not all are as strict - some reduce the number of bets by 1 and adjust payoff according to the new amount - so you need to read the terms carefully before placing these bets (just so you know which are the rules).

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Q: How do you play a football teaser?
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