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Coin toss determines who gets the ball first. Whoever wins the coin toss, chooses to kick or receive the punt, and then they go from there

One team kicks the ball as far down the field as possible, so that the opposing team has the furthest to run to get to the other side of the field, which would be a touchdown, 6 point. This is done only if they get to that big colored rectangle, the endzone, near that big yellow fork in the ground, which is the field goal, or the uprights, as it is sometimes called.

Once a team has the ball, and whoever caught it is brought down/tackled, they begin to fight for position, with the team with the ball trying to force their way toward the endzone to score, which is done by traveling 10-12 yards to a first down, which is always the goal, until they get at least halfway downfield. If someone that has the ball is tackled/brought down 5 times, the other team gets the ball right wherever it was last.

However, if it is the fourth down, the team with the ball usually kicks it to other team, instead of letting them have the ball where it is, which would make it easier for that team to score, as they are closer to scoring than they would be in they received a punt

Also, the ball is forced down the field one of two ways. The first way is passing, and that is done when the quarterback, the QB, backs up from his team and, whle trying not to get taken out, is able to throw the ball to one of his teammates that are "open" and able to catch the ball, trying not to let the defenders catch the pass instead of the intended recipient, the wide receiver, which would be an interception, which can also happen if someone is hit while running with the ball (a fumble).

The other way is by passing it off to the full back, the fastest big man, so that he can find a way through the defense to get as far down the field as possible, but at least to the first down within 4 attempts.

A touchdown, the biggest score, is 6 points, though after that, a team can try to kick the ball though the yellow fork for another point, which is comparatively easier than going for the 2 point completion. The completion, an extra 2 point move (making a 8 point play) is done by either running it in to the endzone or by passing it in, which is more dangerous the closer you are to the endzone, as the defenders are closer together, and everyone is bumping into each other.

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