How do you perform a shoulder throw?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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In judo,

1.) Grab their right wrist with your left hand

2.) Pull them towards you and "shoot" your right arm, under their right arm

3.) While doing the previous step, you also turn into them so your back is to their chest and your hips are below theirs. Also, bend your right elbow up to grab their right shoulder... essentially, you should end up with their right arm over your right shoulder with your right shoulder in their armpit with the rest of your body low, and right against your opponent.

4.) Pull their right wrist (the one your grabbed) towards your left hip, while simultaneously bending your back like you're trying to touch your right shoulder to your left hip as well. You also, at the same time, shove your hips into theirs to lift them off their feet and rotate them over your body.

The end result will be with them on their side, you still holding their right arm, with their back to your feet.

You can practice the set up slowly, but to throw it must be done full speed or you will not get momentum needed.

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Q: How do you perform a shoulder throw?
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