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You can time keep the trials and you can also keep score

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Sentence for officiate?

My weding was fun and was the officiate for life

How do you officiate soccer?

You must take an officiating course to learn how to officiate the sport.

What is a sentence using the word officiate?

You have been selected to officiate at the memorial dedication.

What is the noun of officiate?

Noun forms for the verb to officiate are officiator, officiation, and the gerund, officiating.

What is a sentence that uses the word officiate?

"Since her uncle was an ordained minister, she asked him to officiate at her wedding."

What could be a sentence with the word officiate in it?

The referee was unable to officiate the game Friday night because he was drunk.

How would you put officiate in a sentence?

George promised to officiate at the meeting since he is familiar with the club and its guidelines.

What is an synonym for preside?


What is the verb of official?


What does an official do in badminton?

officiate the game

What does officiate mean?

To be in charge of somthing

How do you officiate a badminton match?

By playing

Can Pope Francis officiate at a wedding?

Yes, he can officiate at a wedding. However, unless it is a very special occasion it is unlikely he would do so,

Who are the people who officiate the baseball games?


What is the function of an officiating official?

officiate the game!

How do you officiate athletics?

practice makes perfect

Who is an event official?

a person who officiate agame

What do you call the clergy person who officiates at the funeral?


How many officials officiate in a football match?


Will a Rabbi officiate at a funeral in a National Cemetery?


Why is Alexander the Great allowed to officiate a wedding?

He was an absolute monarch

How to officiate gymnastics?

we must look the people who help the gymnasts

Who was the first woman to officiate games in the NBA?

Violet Palmer was the first women to officiate an NBA game. On October 31, 1997 she was an official in the game between the Dallas Mavericks and Vancouver Grizzlies.

What is the name of president in Singapore that officiate at the National Day Parade?

Yusof Ishak

Can an ex priest still officiate at weddings?

Legally, yes. But not in the eyes of the Church.

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