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you run the mouth gaurd under hot water the bite down hard on the mouth gaurd and it will be molded.

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Q: How do you mold a mouthguard?
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How do you mold your mouthguard?

Take the mouthguard out of the package & read the instructions. It generally asks you to immerse it into boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes to soften it. After this time has expired, let the mouthpiece cool enough to place it between your teeth and bite down like normal. Hold this until the mouthpiece cools and you are done.

Is mouthguard a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'mouthguard' is a common noun, a general word for a type of protection for the teeth while engaged in sports; a general word for any mouthguard of any kind.

In which sport was the mouthguard first used?

Rugby !

What equipment is used in Australian football?


Does Derek Jeter wear a mouthguard?

Yes, he does.

What do you use for lacrosse?

Well you use a lacrosse stick for girls you use goggles and mouthguard and gloves it's your choice. Boys helmet, chestpad, armpad, and gloves mouthguard.

Where can you buy a karate mouthguard?

In your nearest sport accessories shop

What kind of mouth guard can I buy for my son who has braces?

The best kind of mouth guar that can be bought for someone with braces is the Shock Doctor Mouthguard series. This mouthguard is made out of silicone and has an orth channel. This makes the mouthguard fit better for someone with braces and is durable to stand up to the shocks delivered in any sport.

Can a mouthguard protect my teeth while running?

yes it can protect your mouth.

Do youth rugby players have to wear a mouthguard?

In New Zealand, yes

Why cant you have a clear mouthguard in lacrosse?

It is very hard to tell if someone is wearing a mouthguard if it is clear, especially in men's lacrosse where the helmet further obstructs the view. Wearing a mouthguard in a sport like lacrosse is essential not only for protecting the teeth, but also in preventing concussions. If a player is wearing a clear mouthguard the referee is unable to tell if he or she is actually wearing it. Some refs will let you color in the front part of it with a black permanent marker, to more clearly indicate that the player is wearing the required safety equipment.

What safety equipment is used in water polo?

None normally, but you can wear a mouthguard.

Does Derek Jeter wear braces on his bottom teeth?

No. Derek Jeter wears a mouthguard.

How long do you boil the shock doctor adult gel max mouthguard for?

90 seconds

Where to get a mouthguard in New Zealand?

Sports shop like Rebel Sport, Stirling sport etc.

What equipment is used in rugby league?

a football, boots, mouthguard, (soulder pads and headgear, optional )

Where is the xbox party mansion mouthguard in the sports room?

it is on top of the snowboard hope this helps Xx

What is worn in the mouth of lots of sports ' people to protect their teeth?

I call it a mouthpiece or mouthguard.

Where can you buy a Under Armor Bite Tech Mouthguard?

At model's or any sporting good store.

What do i do if i moulded my mouthguard and your tooth fell out?

Well you said "your tooth fell out" soo really you have no problem

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What is mold the fungus mold?

mold is a multicellular fungus.

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What causes teeth clicking at night?

Teeth clicking or teeth grinding? Teeth Grinding is just something that a lot of people do, called Bruxism. o like, a way to stop is from damaging your teeth is to wear a mouthguard at night (they come in clear) or a sport mouthguard. :) Hope it helped :)