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Snowboards are measured in Centimeters such as 147, 151 and many other sizes too. they are small enough for young kids to ride and big enough for the tallest people to ride. A snowboard should be between your chin and nose when it is held vertically on the ground. Personally i like my snowboard smaller than that because it makes it much easier to do tricks in the park such as spins and it is easier to control while in the air.

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There are several measures in a ski. The most important measure is the lenght of the ski.

The length should be determined by the length of the skier, the type of ski, the skills and preferences of the skier and the type of usage.

Shortness of the ski results in increased response and a loss of stability. Length results in increased stability and speed, but may make controlling more difficult and slow.

For regular downhill skiing, you definitely should not get skis longer than you are. Center-mounted twin-tip skis might go a bit over the skiers head, though it might make rotating airborne harder.

For the best results, you should contact your ski retailer as this is a very difficult thing to evaluate yourself.

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Stand up straight and measure from the ground up to your chin.

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first check how long the snowboard is, then check how tall you are. when stood up the snowboard should come up to right under your chin

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Q: How do you measure yourself to determine a snowboard size?
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