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35 feet from the tip of home to the front edge of the pitching rubber.

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Q: How do you measure the pitching distance for 10u softball?
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What is the average 10u AAU softball pitching speed?


What is the distance of the bases for 10u softball?

Sixty feet

How far is the pitching rubber from home plate in liitle girls softball?

7U and 10U - 35ft.

In 10u softball How big is the girls pitching circle?

The pitching circle is to your shoulder's , elbow , knees, and all around in a circle!

Where is nationals in 2012 for 10u softball?

Nationals for 10u 2012 Fastpitch Softball is in Bloomington, Indiana

How far is the pitching mound from home plate in little girls softball?

10u=35 ft 12u=40ft

How far is the pitching mound for 16U softball?

40 feet for 16U 35 for 10U and moves to 43 feet in college

What size is 10u softball?

A 10-u softball is 11 inches

The pitching distance is measured from the rear tip of home plate to back edge of the pitcher's plate?

10u softball is 35 ft. 12u to 18u is 40 ft. 18u gold and older is 43ft.

Can you use composite bats in 10u softball?

yes you can

What is the distance between home plate and first base in 10U softball?

35 feet from the rubber to the back of home plate.

Where is nationals in 2012 12u softball?

Nationals in 2012 10u Fastpitch Softball is in Moline, Illinois

Who are the best 8u and 10u softball teams?

Birmingham vipers 02

Who play's 11 inch softball?

An 11" ball is used in 10U play.

Who plays with an 11 softball?

10u and down: 8u, 6u, tea ball

What is a good softball team name for 10u with lime green and black as our colors?


How far is the pitching mound from home plate in womens college softball?

10u=35 ft. 12u=40 ft High School=43 ft College=43 ft.

What is the womens fast pitch softball distance between home plate to first base?

Depends.. 10U 11 in ball and 35 ft. anyone older it is 12 in ball and 40 ft.

Fastpitch softball distance between pitching rubber to home plate?

For ASA/NSA Girls 10U (10 years old and under): 35 feet 12U, 14U, 16U: 40 feet 18U, and older: 43 feet For High School (in most states): 40 feet For College: 43 feet

Distance of fast pitch softball pitcherto homeplate?

the pitching distance varies by the age group. for 10 and under (10U) teams or tournaments, the pitching distance is 35 feet from the apex of the plate to the pitching rubber. for 12U - 15U the distance is 40 feet. for older girls, the distance is in the process of changing. since the college and Olympic pitching distance is 43 feet, the high school distance is changing from 40 to 43 feet. different states are making the switch at different times. <<map of which states are changing when for high school. for travel/tournament teams, the pitching distance is also changing. currently (march 6, 2010), 18U and 23U pitch from 43 feet, while 16U and under are still at 40. this is changing soon though, and the 16U teams will also pitch from 43 feet.

In fastpitch softball how far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate?

It depends on the league. In 10U softball it is 35 ft, in 12U it is 40ft, and in high school and college level, it is 43 ft.

Official size of a softball?

Depending on teh age group you are in, if you are 10u or younger it is 11' inchs. If you are 12u and up it is 12' inches.

What are some basic rules for softball?

You can steel only in 10u and can bunt,slab,kid pitch,you dont have to call time after every play

What are the three sizes of balls that are used in softball?

There are not 3 sizes only two 10u play with a 10'' and 12 and up play with 12' The above answer is wrong. 8u plays with 10" diameter, 10u plays with 11", 12u and 14u play with 12".

How many feet is the pitchers mound to home plate in minors softball?

Depends what age group...for my 10U team it is 35 feet, for the 16U team, it is 43 feet.