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you just tell the team like arsenal,aston villa

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Q: How do you make your football team for the premier league game?
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What is the purpose of the Premier League Fantasy website?

The Fantasy Premier League's website allows users to play a fantasy football game on their website. One can win cash prizes and make bets on the fantasy game.

How do teams make it into the Premier League?

There are 20 clubs in the Premier League.

How do you make a fantasy premier league?

You go onto a Fantasy Football Website, create an account and then pick your team.

Average football players salary?

They make in the regions of 50k-75k a week in the Barclays premier league. Some can make up to 150K.

Will you ever make a Canadian Football League game?

In my opinion is that they won't and if they do it will only be released in Canada.

Who was the youngest player to make a hat trick in the English premier league?

the youngest player to score a hat trick in the English premier league

Do all abandoned football matches have to be replayed?

Yes, to make the tournament or league equal the game has to be replayed.

What date is Manchester united playing in the premier league cup 2012?

1. This question doesn't make sense. 2. There is no such thing as 'The Premier League Cup'

How much do arena football league cheerleaders make?

you can make any where from 10 dollars to 200 a game depending on where and how big the team is

What premier league teams make a profit?

Arsenal is the only club to make a profit.

Which club did James milner make his premier league debut for?

Newcastle United

Which make sponsors more teams in the premier league Nike or Adidas?


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