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You ask him to stop

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Q: How do you make your dad stop tickaling you?
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What power does sylars dad have on heroes?

His dad can make things feel tired, so that they stop wanting to do things, its like he puts them in a trance.

What do you do when your boyfriend dad limits his son from not spending time with you and etc?

you tell your boyfriends dad that he cant stop love or make your boyfriends dad like you.i knoww how it feels

Can a 17 year move out moms house and move in with dad?

Yes. If they want to make it on their own or with Dad, to stop them from benefiting financially for "running away" to Dad's or whetever, you make them file emancipation with the court. That way you're not responsible for them anymore and Dad can't make you pay him child support.

How do you make your Dad stop calling you gay even though you are not?

Your dad is a bigot and a homophobe. You can't control him, but you can know that he is wrong, and strive to be a better person than he is.

How do you get your dad to stop grounding you?

stop being such a smartass

How can i stop my dad smoking?

i have ttried everything how can i stop him )= x

What to make for a dad?

you can make a picture of you and your dad

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get a temperpedic bed. that's what my dad did. hes now pain free

My father won't stop telling me to be good?

Ok my dad goes to the store and tells me to be good and i hated the word good and he refused to stop and why won't my dad stop telling me to be good?

Can your stepmother stop you from visiting you dad in TN?


How do you get your dad to unground you?

stop smoking pot

Can your mom stop you from moving in with your dad?

No he cant he doest have the right and if your mom trys to stop you well she cant stop you.