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Bocce Ball drink ingredients

Bocce Ball ingredients:


Orange Juice


If you want a mild drink, eliminate the vodka, or add in small quantities.

This is a very smooth drink.



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Q: How do you make the alcoholic drink called a Bocce Ball?
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Is bocce ball an Olympic sport?

Bocce ball is NOT an Olympic sport, sadly.

What is the name of the target ball used in bocce ball?

The white target is the actual 'bocce' ball or 'pallino.'

What is target ball called in bocce ball?

Jack BallIn England we call the game Bowlsits also called 'PALLINO'

What is the pallino?

It is the target ball in bocce ball.

Where is bocce played?

Bocce ball is usually played on a flat, grass field

What sports did she play?

bocce ball

Where can one purchase a bocce ball set?

A bocce ball set can be purchased at a local sporting goods store, such as Dick's Sporting Goods. These types of stores often have games like bocce ball in stock.

Mass of a bocce ball?

5 lbs

What is the proper name of the white ball in a Bocce Ball set?


Where did the sport bocce ball originate?

Bocce Ball can be the oldest sport in human history. It dates back to 5000 B.C. In Egyptian art humans appear playing a similar game with stones. Bocce Ball was then imported in Greece by 800 B.C.

How big is a regulation bocce ball?

Size of the Bocce BallThe size of your bocce ball is typically measured in millimeters and across its diameter. Sizes of bocce balls vary quite a bit and will help determine which bocce ball set is best for you. According to the Bocce Standards Association, the International Standard bocce ball is 107mm (4.2 inches) and weighs 920 grams (2 pounds.)A bocce ball that is smaller than 100mm is typically best for children or beginners who do not plan to play often. This size is easiest to handle and toss.Tournament bocce balls will range between 100mm and 115mm. Typically they are not any smaller than the International Standard of 107mm.The occasional backyard bocce player will most likely appreciate a size somewhere between 100mm and 110mm.The expert or professional bocce ball player will normally use a size somewhere between 107mm and 115mm. The size will depend on the strength of the players and their frequency of play.

What is a fun Italian game to play?

Bocce Ball

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