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by building it properly

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Q: How do you make an inukshuk step by step?
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What artifacts did the Inuits make?


How do you make a Inukshuk?

You need rocks and a flat land

Why is the Inukshuk important to Canada?

because inukshuk are sexy

When was Inukshuk Wireless created?

Inukshuk Wireless was created in 2005.

What does the inukshuk stand for?

the inukshuk stands for all the bad times we had in this world

What actors and actresses appeared in Inukshuk - 2009?

The cast of Inukshuk - 2009 includes: Marjolaine Juste

What is the inukshuk made of?


What rhymes with Inukshuk?


What is an inukshuk?

An inukshuk is a structure of piled stones, designed to resemble a humanoid figure, traditionally constructed by the Inuit.

When did the inukshuk symbol become a symbol?

the inukshuk turned into a symbol on April 1st 1999 for the nunavut flag

How was the Inukshuk made?

By rocks in Yukon

Is the inukshuk a Canadian symbol?


What does the Vancouver 2010 Olympic symbol mean?

The symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is an Inukshuk. The Inukshuk is meant to guide you on a journey.

When was the first Inukshuk made?

in the 1800s to the 1900s

Who invented the inukshuk?

The Inuit were the first inventers.

Where was the first inukshuk made?

in Yukon Ontario

Why does the emblem of Vancouver represent Vancouver?

An inukshuk.

What is a inukshuk made from?

you can make them from stone that you find in the woods or along the road, the more natural the material the better they look.

What does the inukshuk represent?

The Inukshuk means "likeness of a person." It was first used by the Inuit people to mark trails, indicae caches of food, locate nearby settlements, ans also good placess to hunt or fish. The Inukshuk embodies the spirit and persitance of the Inuit who live and flourish in Northern Canada. The Inukshuk represents strength, leadership, and motavation.

What is one of nunavut's landmarks?

dorset museum and inukshuk

What does inukshuk mean?

it's pretty much a signe

How did the inukshuk Canadien symbol?

it's on the Nunavut flag

What is it called when people stack rocks?

It is called an inukshuk.

Who built the very first inukshuk?

The Inuit built the very first Inukshuk which symbolized that someone has already been there. Inukshuks were also used as a sign of direction.

Why did they make inukshuks?

The Inuit made Inukshuk`s to tell other travalers there already here. Inukshuks are also a sign of direction