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shape it using a knife


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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: How do you make an Olympic stadium model out of polystyrene?
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How long did it take to make the 2012 Olympic stadium?

3.5 years

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Can you show how to make a model olympic stadium out of cardboard?

Well, First what you do is Cut out a piece of square cardboard for the base and then you scrunch up newspaper and make the shapes of the stadium you want to make then you stick this on the cardboard with PVA glue, Then leave it to dry for about 5 hours then you cover everything in PVA glue and leave to dry all night. After that you can use paints or felt tip pens to decorate your stadium!

Is the Beijing Olympic Stadium a waste of resources?

nope, because they got lots of business opportunities and sponsors. Most countries that host Olympic make a fortune out of it

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Is there new Olympic stadium?

yes it is in London for the Olympics 2012 it is the latest so far but they might make more in the future

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