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add fire

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Q: How do you make a softball hotter?
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Can glasses make people hotter?

it can make u hotter if u say that it can make u hotter

What chemicals are used to make a softball?

what are the ingredients of making a softball

Which is the sport where you can get out?

You can make an out in baseball and softball.

How can you make a flame hotter on a Bunsen burner?

Turn the collar and the flame will get hotter

What is the best material for a softball bat?

Softball bats are normally made out of metal. Louisville slugger is the main company that makes softball bats. While they also make wood, metal is used in softball.

What is the salary for UCLA women's softball coach?

Softball coaches make a min. 21,500 and a max. of 25,000

When did softball make its debut at the Olympics?


What is mixed with gas to make a hotter flame?


What does softball do with softball?

Well I play softball and the name softball I say is to make the boys jelous because they have to use the really small balls and we have the larger ones but the hardness of them are the same but hte wieght is a different story.

How can you make your hot tub hotter?

hotter water turn up the heat using the thermostat on it

Is it hotter in the city or country?

The city would be hotter because of all of the pollution they make with the factorys. If there were no factorys or bulidings in a city then a country would be hotter.

How do you make blue colored fire?

make the fire hotter

Can you really make heat by hand hotter then the sun?

Well SOMETIMES Lava can be hotter Depends on the color

How do you make a softball?

there is no way just buy one

How much does a UCLA softball coach make?


How much does UCLA softball coach make?


What is the length of a softball?

12in or 11 in all the way around say if you could make a softball flat that is how long it would be

What do greenhouse gasses do?

They make everything hotter

Can salt make a fire burn hotter?


Does microwaving softball make it go farther?

yea it does make it go farther

What are efficient softball drills to help my daughter make a perfect circle softball pitch?

To teach your daughter to make a perfect circle when she is pitching you could make her stand against a rough wall and have her make arm circles.

How many earths would make the sun hotter?

Supposedly, the Earth's core is hotter than the surface of the Sun.So, IF the two collided, the material of the Earth's core would make the Sun hotter, at least until or as the material is burned or converted into the Sun's energy. In this theory, only 1 Earth would make the Sun hotter.

Do volcanic gas and acid droplets make the climate hotter?

volcanic gas and acid droplets can make the climate hotter because volcano gas is very hot and volcano acid is hot to so volcanic gas and acid can make the climate hotter no matter what.

Is the thinning of the forests a good idea?

no that would just make the world hotter and hotter until the end of the world

Need some softball drills for warmups?

Im not sure what you mean by softball drills for warm-up. Just make sure to be warmed up before doing the softball drills. It's advisable now to use dynamic exercises to warm yourself up. If you want to use softball drills as warm-up make sure to use drills that are not strenuous that may cause strain. Make sure you modify the drills by lowering the intensity of the softball drills.