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in throwing, lots of long toss. in batting over 100 swings daily with bat weight

Also work on mechanics. Most little league pitchers dont make it to high school level without the proper mechanics because they cannot through accurately or fast enough. Work on the small things like coming over the top, dont through curveballs, and throw HARD

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Q: How do you make a little league pitcher better?
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Homeplate DistanceI remember making the leap to the larger field and at first it feels pretty big, but basically at the age of 15 the kids generally do outgrow the Little League fields, catchers CAN make the throw to second and the shortstops and third basemen can make the throw to first. By this point, most of the kids who are still playing are interested baseball players so the pool of talent is much lower but the overall level of talent is much higher. Chances are a 15 year old kid playing on the larger field has played since he was six. Also 14 year old pitcher regularly throw over 55 mph which on a Little League Field is VERY fastHe is right. At age 14, from a little league distance it would be very dangerous. (They actually have two different distances, high school is the same distance but Seniors isn't.)The hitters are also better in the bigs.Like for me, at 13 years old I throw 72, from a little league distance that could injure a kid.At 13 I was 4-10 80lbs., but some friends were 6-4 255, poney league bases were 75' This was a lot of fun!

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