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Gather as much sticks as you can. Then eat them. Good luck!

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Q: How do you make a good shelter in the woods?
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Where animals find good and shelter?

mostly in a humans house or in the woods

What is a bobcat's shelter?


What is shelter for Italy?

In the woods using braches

Do cows live in dunks?

No, domesticated cattle live on farms in barns or other means of shelter. In the wild they will live in the woods and grasslands (using the woods for shelter).

Where do deer take shelter during hurricanes?

in the woods

What did Ralph do while jack is in the woods?

Built shelter.

Where does a spider stays for a shelter?

At the caves, woods, usally

Where does the daddy long legs take shelter or what does it use to make a shelter or even where can it take shelter?

they take shelter in your ear... good luck

What are good places to make shelter?

depends where you are surviving. near water you want to build a shelter in a tree or off of the ground. in the desert, you need to make sure the shelter will keep you cool

Why do gray squirrels live in a forest?

because the woods have nuts and shelter

What is Ralph doing while jack is in the woods?

he is helping making a shelter

What was the monster doing during his two-year desperation from Frankenstein?

He wandered through the woods, seeking shelter and food.