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Vince carter jr.

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Q: How do you make a full court shot on nba 2k13 psp?
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Who was the first man in the NBA to make a full court shot?

Landen Bradshaw

When do you get the shot IQ in 2k12?

Shot IQ is only on NBA 2K13

LeBron James hits full court shots for the Powerade Commercial is them shots fake?

yes it was for a commercial... but if you search up lebron full court with a football is real and half court shot during interview is real...

Who made the world's farthest basketball shot and where?

vince carter did in magic practice facility last year... sitting down !!.. FULL COURT SHOT.

When was Shot Full of Love created?

Shot Full of Love was created in 1997.

How many points is a half court shot worth in basketball?

sadly three points but it should be at least 5 to 6 points, and for half court it should be four

What is the CHALLENG about basketball?

The challenge is to get down the court without getting the ball stolen and to put enough power into your shot to make it.

What does crosscourt mean?

A cross court is a shot that is played diagonally into opponents court. It is a very effective shot which if hit properly can take the ball away from the opponent.

What shot gun choke is best for shooting buck shot?

Either a full choke,or extra full choke shotgun barrel.

How do you make a half- court shot on nba 2k12 on psp?

Just run up to the logo in the middle with anybody and hope u get lucky

What choke should you use for rabbit hunting?

Either modified or full choke... full choke keeps the shot in a tighter bunch, so it is better for a longer shot.

What is 'quick drop shot' in Badminton?

This is a delicate and fast smash shot, being played to force the opponent to move to the front court, so that the mid court and the back court remain free to drop the shuttlecock.