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Q: How do you machine Cleveland heads for guide plates?
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Do 1.6 RKE 350A roller rockers on a gm goodwrench 350 engine reguire Guide plates?

If the engine has iron heads and press-in studs, then no, you don't need guide plates. If the engine has aluminum heads or iron heads with screw-in studs, then guide plates would be appropriate.

What is a guillotine machine?

a machine that chops peoples heads off

What is the difference between 302 and a boss 302?

The 302 boss has slightly bigger heads, it comes stock with 351 Cleveland heads.

What is meant by guitar heads?

Depends its might be a bit of confusion there are machine heads (tuners) and a guitar neck.

Is it ok for rocker arms not to line up perfect with valves on a 327?

If the heads don't have push rod guide plates, the rocker arms will set off center just a little. But if they are way off then you must have a bent push rod.

Did Henry V111 used to chop of people's heads if they didn't lick their plates?

No, that is a myth

Is a 351m a big block?

It is a "windsor" (small block) with Cleveland heads (big block).

Is 351 Cleveland big block?

Windsor 351, is a small block. 351 Cleveland, is a big block. The 351M, stands for "modified" and is a windsor (small) block, with Cleveland (big block) heads.

Does a boss 302 have Cleveland heads?

Yes, That is one of the parts that make it a "Boss" type engine.

A machine used in the French revolution to cut off the heads of the aristocrats?

The guillotine.

How can you tell if your heads are bad on a CHEVY 305 engine?

take them to a machine shop

Will a 489 cam lift work in a Chevy 350 with automatic transmission?

It will if you change these parts. You will need a stall converter and you will also HAVE TO CHANGE the valve springs to stop valve spring coil bind. You will also have to have push rod guide plates installed on the heads. GOOD LUCK.