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Because Sidney Crosby is one of the best hockey players to ever step on the ice.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-13 01:52:26
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Q: How do you like the Flyers but LOVE Sidney Crosby?
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Would the flyers like Sidney Crosby if he was on the their team?

No, he is anti-flyers

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Who do you like better Sidney Crosby or phill kesil?

I like Sidney Crosby way better than Phil kesil because Sidney Crosby is my favourite hockey player of all time.

What does Sidney Crosby like?

watching movies

Does Sidney Crosby like little kids?

he did

Does Sidney Crosby like pancakes?


I like the Flyers but LOVE Sidney Crosby is that ok Sincerely Puzzled in Pennsylvania?

Dear Puzzled in Pennsylvania, I guess, only if you love divers and cry babies with pretty lips. I came across the same predicament when I was trying to choose between Summer's Eve and Masingil. But then I realized, they're both douches with a different label. Kind of like the Flyers and Crosby, essentially douches in different packaging. Hope this helped. Sincerely, The Original 6

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How Many people like Sidney Crosby?

Many people like Sidney Crosby i don't know why some people don't like him they are probably just jealous because i don't like him ... I LOVE HIM HES MY BABY SO BACK OFF HE IS SO HOT HES GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!

What type of sports does Sidney Crosby enjoy?

Other than hockey Sidney Crosby enjoys many sports like baseball, football, soccer and tennis!

What does Sidney Crosby like to eat?

Sidney Crosby likes to eat really cheesy Muffs and Poor Boys. Those are sandwiches from the South with a special black olive spread.

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yes his favorite player is himself

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