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well i know i take the string in half, loop it through the sidewall, take the top string down through the first hole, and the bottom string up through the same hole. (make sure that the string always go to the opposite side of the hole, example top string, left of the hole, bottom string right of the hole, next hole, top string right of the hole, bottom string, left of the hole,,, continue this process until u r done. hope this helped! =Þ

Your best bet is to look at other completed stick heads and copy their methods. Many methods and variations to choose from .

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โˆ™ 2012-04-25 17:05:59
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Q: How do you lace shooting strings on your lacrosse stick?
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Can you use shoe strings to lace the mesh on a lacrosse head?

I would suggest not to, but if you absolutely have to use shoe string to do it, use dress shoe lace, much more like the sidewall string used for lacrosse sticks

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What i do is get a traditional lacrosse stringing kit. Put 2 leathers into the ends of the mesh and lace the sides traditionally.

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