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Q: How do you know where the ball pitches in world domination stick cricket?
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World domination passwords for stick cricket?


What is the stick cricket world domination password for India?


Where is world domination box in stick cricket?

in game list

Stick cricket world domination passwords?

The Stick Cricket World Domination password for level 1 is Mickey. For level 2, it is McBear. Level 3 is Rocket, and level 4 is Bgark.

How do you finish world domination in stick cricket?

you hit the ball that they bowl at you really hard so you keep getting 6es

What is the password of cricket world domination?


How many runs do you have to get to beat South Africa in world domination?

In case if u r speaking about stick cricket, it must be the case that u r not even near to reaching level 16 .ie. SA....South Africa is the last stage of world domination in stick cricket where ul get a random target between 575 to 610 approximately....i mean ul have to score around 30 runs an in level 16 ...just an hour ago i unlocked this level beating India....but beating SA is not at all domination is the only trophy i need to win among major trophies ...Im world no.9288 in Stick cricket

How does one become a player in the World Domination of Stick Baseball?

Go to the Sticksports website, and click on "Click here for 30+ stick games!". Scroll down and click on "STICK BASEBALL World Domination" under "Other Stick Games". Click "How to play" to see the rules. When you are ready to begin the game, click "Play". There is no need to join Stick Sports to play the game.

What are the codes for stick tennis world domination?

hit the link below for the answerRead more: What_are_the_passwords_for_stick_tennis_world_domination

What are the codes for stick cricket?

Passwords to cross each level -- chaz stinky trev kempy jg pete sofa cool toad mav rowie killer cann After we crack the last PW(ie.cann), the game goes back to the start phase ANIL

What are the free world group stick cricket passwords?

The password for the last stage is "killer". Umang :)

When did World Domination Recordings end?

World Domination Recordings ended in 1996.