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You know when it will be bent

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Q: How do you know when your leg is broken?
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Do you have a broken leg?

No, I do not have a broken leg, i had a broken arm but not a broken leg

How do you know if the leg is sprained or broken on a hamster if Its dragging the leg but eating and moving?

It probly has a broken leg take it to a vet or it may be sad or depressed

How do you know if a baby rabbit has broken legs?

You'll see the broken leg.

How do you know if a chickens leg is broken?

becos its ded

How do you know If your leg broken or sprained?

you go to the hospital

How do you know if a hamster has a broken legs?

if a hamter's leg is broken, it wont be able to walk

How do you know cats have a broken leg?

if its limping or if the leg looks weird inspect the others and compare

How can you know when a dog has a broken leg?

it will limp all the time

How do you know if you have a broken leg?

If the bone in your leg is broken. Sometimes the only way to know for sure is by going to the doctor. Your leg might be swollen or have a strange bump. You may have lots of pain when you try to put any weight on your leg. The color of your leg might change, be lighter. If you have fallen, your leg may be laying at a strange angle.

If you have got homework and you are completely stuck you need to know what to feed a dog who has broken its leg please help?

Dogs eat the same food when they have broken legs as they do when their legs are not broken. A broken leg does not require any special diet.

Can a dog die from a broken leg?

No, not if the broken leg has not broken the skin and there is no bleeding. The animal should be looked at by a vet to set the leg.

What does pierna rota?

broken leg broken=rota leg =pierna

When did Juan Rodriguez cabrillo die?

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo did from a sever broken leg on January 3rd, 1543 at the age of 44.

How do you know if a kittens leg is broken?

If you suspect, take the kitten to the vet ASAP!

What did you do with a broken leg in the 1800's?

what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's what was the precedure for a broken leg befor the 1800's

How do you know if you have broken your leg or if it is just a sprain?

Crepitus - one of the signs of a broken bone is a grinding sound when the extremity is moved.

How do you fix a broken leg?

you cant fix it ... just rest it and it will mend in about 6 weeks and i know this because i broke my leg twice

Can you fly on a plane with a broken leg?

You cannot pilot a plane with a broken leg, because you have to press the rudder peddals, but yes, you can fly on a plane with a broken leg.

Can you fix a 2week broken lamb leg?

I don't know. I never heard of it before.

How do you know if your guinea pig leg is broken?

What i would do is if u think your g-pig has a broken leg try seeing everyday if its limping when it walking around its cage hope that answered your question

How do you mend a broken leg?

If a leg is broken, it will need a cast and medical condition. After the cast is put on, the leg will have to heal for weeks.

How much does a broken leg cost?

The medical cost for a broken leg can run as high as $1,000. A broken leg can take six to eight weeks to fully heal.

Can a person still walk if they have broken their leg and they don't know?

Yes, sometimes you can still walk if you have broken your leg, depending on the type of break or fracture it is. Yes you can but not far. One guy broke his leg and he tried to walk to his car but he fainted from the pain.

How do I know if my cats leg is broken or sprained?

For heavens sake, take the poor thing to a vet.

How do you know if i broke your leg?

Try standing on it. If you cannot it's a fair bet you've broken it.